We Help People Buy & Rent Shipping Containers in Canada

Container Sales Across Canada

We offer used shipping container sales in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, & Montreal. Containers are delivered in 4-7 business days, with duties already paid, and every container we sell comes with our 1-year warranty.

What Makes Northern Container Sales Different?

We're a Canadian operated company that sells shipping containers across Canada. We're co-owned by our Canadian employee group and Western Container Sales, one of the largest buyers of used shipping containers in North America. We source intermodal containers directly from cargo circulation, and add a wholesale mark-up to our cost and make it simple to buy a shipping container.

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Shipping Container Prices by City:

We offer used shipping containers for sale across Canada. Northern Container Sales works directly with global intermodal shipping companies to purchase shipping containers at the end of their useful shipping life at wholesale prices. We post those prices in real time in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, & Vancouver, and customers can place their order on our website (you're also always welcome to give us a call).

Even though our WWT (wind and water tight) containers are no longer able to pass a CSC Survey, and be stacked 7-high while loaded, they are still great for storage. We also offer CWO (cargo worthy) used containers for customers needing to use them for export, as well One Trip (like new) containers.



We do NOT sell on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, etc. If you've seen someone posing as our company in online marketplaces, please report the post and contact us to let us know.